In biomedical sciences, information, exchange of experience and observations are realized in several ways, through direct conversations of scientists, presentations at conferences and through scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Publishing scientific papers is one of the most important measures of academic success and forms the basis of career advancement and obtaining research funding projects.

Primarily intended for younger colleagues, the guide provides simple, concise and clear instructions on how to write a scientific paper in 12 steps.

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Writing a scientific paper implies certain principles that must be adhered to!
Writing scientific papers is a skill that can be learned!

In this Guide you will get answers to the following questions:

What should be done before writing a scientific paper?
How to choose the journal to which you will submit the paper?
What are the basic guidelines for preparing Figures and Tables?
What should the Material and Methods section contain?
How to write the Results to be understandable at first glance?
What is needed for the Discussion to be of good quality?
What does a clear Conclusion imply?
What to look for when writing a compelling Introduction?

Why is the Abstract important and how to write it?
How to compile a concise and informative Title?
How to choose Keywords for indexing?
Who to write Acknowledgment?
How to cite and format References?
What should be done next when the draft version of the paper is written?
What does a paper review entail and what elements of the paper are evaluated by the editor and the reviewers?

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