1. Consultations regarding the writing of scientific papers

2. Consultations in defining the topic, hypothesis, aims, research plan

3. Copyediting

  • I will provides assistance in organizing the text of your paper in order to make the data clearly understandable;
  • I will make corrections regarding the style, organization and focus of the paper that will contribute to the text being clear, having  logical sequence and meaning and being written according to the Instructions for the authors of the journal to which the paper is to be submitted;
  • Corrections will include changing phrases, revising sentence structure, selecting new words, removing unnecessary words, English grammar and spelling, etc;
  • Assistance in preparing responses to reviewers of the revised paper;
  • Types of documents: papers for scientific biomedical journals, regulatory documents of pharmaceutical companies, scientific poster presentations, Power Point presentations, project proposals, monographs on products, educational materials.

4. Review of the paper

  • It involves a critical review of your paper to improve it before submitting it to the journal.
    I will make a review of the paper that includes comments on the hypothesis and objectives of the paper, experimental design, organization of the of the paper, assessment of scientific correctness, writing style, English language.
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